Tarzan food industry

The only producer of dried fruits and chips of high quality and grade fruit fruit chips with the Apple Food Diagram from the Food and Drug Administration, obtaining the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 22000 Safety Management System in the Food Industry from the UK’s IQS and Halal Indicator The Halal World Trade Organization proudly announces that the complex with an experienced team and complete products for the production of various dry fruits, including dried apricots, dried apricots, dried mangoes, dried bananas, dry strawberries, dry melons, dry dwarfs, dry melons, dried coconut Dry currant, dry persimmon, dry kiwi, dry blubber and dry ice, as a diverse manufacturer Rin Dried Fruit Dried in Iran and the World has started its activity in the market and foreign markets since 1396, and aims to provide high quality and classy products of the season’s fruit dry and packaged in various markets. All products in this range are licensed for health and well-stocked packaging.
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Dried fruit properties

Tarzan dried fruits, because they do not use preservatives, and 100% natural, have therapeutic effects that are very nutritious and provide energy for the body.

Dried fruits act like a natural capsule to maintain the health of the body. Dried fruits are rich sources of vitamins C, A, B1, B2, B3, B6 and pantothenic acid, as well as some calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, copper, manganese, fiber and rich in antioxidants.


Dry Kiwi Properties:

Dried kiwifruit is rich in amino acids and vitamin C, which fight against harmful sun rays and prevent sun damage.

Kiwi is a delicious tropical fruit rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, calcium, iron and magnesium, which are very useful for health. So taking dry kiwifruit is excellent and beneficial in the absence of fresh fruit.


Strawberry Dried:

Dried strawberries reduce appetite Studies have shown that dry strawberries increase the amount of hormone that helps to boost metabolism, reduce appetite and regulate blood sugar after taking stomachs.

It is an adiponectin hormone whose high blood levels also contribute to reducing the risk of a heart attack, while its low levels are reported in obese subjects.

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Why tarzan

Tarzan’s story was about a noble boy with a royal family, lost in childhood by accident and neglect in the jungles of Africa, and after a lot of troubles and all the hardships that he had raised, he was raised by a mummy in the name of the commodity. After many years of living in the jungle and living with animals, he has found the wild animal’s temper, he lives like animals, and most of his food is just eating fruits and even talking about animals. Until the father and daughter of the researcher and his daughter Jane enter the jungle and find Tarzan and bring the human world, when they want to feed him, they do not eat food, but when they put the container full of fruit in front of him at once He attacked and ate all the fruits. Now, Tarzan, between the two ways, is his willingness to stay with his fellow members, and the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of his mother-in-law, who has grown up, and the various fruits he has stuck to choose that world, or a busy world filled with human stress?
Truly, in the world of people, is money more important or health?
When it’s not health, it’s like nothing, and life in the clouds is the most important one, putting people at risk with health. So, let’s take away the natural ingredients and remove the salt, sugar and sugar, and refreshments from the oil and give it to ourselves and the family with 100% natural health products.

Miraculous properties of dry pectin

Apple pectin reduces blood cholesterol levels and also helps to eliminate constipation. In addition, the pectin will stop appetite and create long-term satiety, which will serve you well. Stay tuned to know more about this fiber and its properties.
An English proverb says, “Eating an apple a day will take you away from the doctor.” The results of numerous studies confirm these old beliefs. The researchers believe that apples have tremendous properties for the body. The pectin contained in this fruit alone is a treasure trove of many properties and serves a great deal for those who want to lose weight or maintain their ideal weight.

Pectin and its benefits

Pectin is a mixture that exists in different herbs and is a slurry and gelatinous substance that increases its volume in the presence of water. In fact, this substance is a kind of glucose (glucose) that is significantly present in various fruits such as apples, grapes, raisins, and lemons. You should know that the amount of this fiber is much higher in new or prey apples. The tightness of fresh apples or green apples is due to the presence of the same pectin fiber. The more apples are ripe and more aged, the less pectin’s.

Pectin: Natural laxative, anti-appetite and fat burner

God bless the Lord for these endearing love blessings. People who care about their weight or those who have taken the diet can trust the properties of apples. These apple properties are due to the presence of pectin. If you have a diet, try using fresh and green apples because it contains the highest amount of pectin. The fact is that pectin is bulky in the vicinity of water. So it is best to eat an apple before eating and then drink a large glass of water. In this case, the fiber will occupy more volume of the stomach and cause long dryness. In fact, this fiber will prevent appetite. In addition, pectin fiber also increases the volume and volume of stools, which makes it easy to dispose of it.

Dried fruit and chips of high quality and classifiable fruit fruits with apple labels from the Food and Drug Administration by obtaining ISO 9001 certificates.

Dried persimmons

This delicious oriental ornament is native to china. Long expanded in Japan and introduced to California in the middle of the nineteenth century. The best growth of persimmon tree is in areas with moderate winters and relatively mild summers.
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Dried melons

Dried melon is a sweet, delicious and gourmet fruit that has a variety of varieties, and the best one is melon in Khorasan. - A large amount of dry melon consumes bloating, resulting in pain in the stomach and intestine.
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 Dry peaches

To eliminate constipation and regulate bowel movements, pour 20-25 gr of dried peach leaves into a liter of boiling water for 10 minutes and drink one cup of it after a meal once a day (no more than 5 grams for children) Take 20 to 25 grams of dried lemon peach in a liter of boiling water. Drink a small cup daily as a blood thinner. (No more than 5 grams for children)<br />
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